"Zia is my secret treasure trove, the place I go to when I need an outfit that I'm certain nobody else will be wearing. I've found the most unique and well made pieces at Zia, often resulting in questions from people as to where I got them. What I find most refreshing is the intimate and personal service. Once, when I was envisioning an outfit to wear to an event, I actually called Karen the owner to ask her if I already owned something similar. She was able to recall with clarity each item I'd purchased and together, we came up with the perfect outfit on the telephone of Zia pieces I already owned. Now that's personal service!"

Six reasons why I buy all of my clothes at Zia Clothing Outlet

  1. Zia clothes make me feel beautiful. I’ve always dreaded dressing rooms. I try on outfit after outfit that makes me look worse than when I came in. Not so in Zia’s dressing rooms. There I try on outfit after outfit that makes me look better – much better -- than when I came in.
  2. Zia clothes are ageless. Virtually every piece of clothing in her store looks wonderful on a 20-year-old or an 80-year old.
  3. Zia clothes are in style for years. Next spring I won’t have to replace the clothes I bought this spring at Zia, because they will still be in style. Of course, I’ll probably buy more anyway. :)
  4. The Zia ambience is wonderful. Sunlight streams through the front window, the window displays are always gorgeous, and the clothes are arranged beautifully. I feel happy when I walk into Zia.
  5. Zia has accessories! My particular love is jewelry, and I now buy all of my jewelry at Zia, because it matches all the clothes that I buy there – and all the clothes in my closet.
  6. Zia has color! No matter what color or combination of colors that you like, you’ll find it at Zia.

Karen Kostigen, owner of Zia Clothing Outlet, recently came to my home in Newton for a “Girls Night Out” fundraiser, bringing with her racks of unique clothing and accessories at discount pricing. Everyone was thrilled with their purchases and now visit Karen often at Zia. Needless to say, the evening was so much fun and a huge success! Karen also graciously donated 10% of all purchases back to our school.

Joan Gallagher for OCEAN:
Once again, I lift my pen on behalf of OCEAN @ MGH to thank you for your generous support. Celebrating your anniversary with us means so much! The day was filled with women whose lives have been touched by Ovarian Cancer.  Many more told their stories this year. Hearing them in a unique "outlet" gave joy to retail therapy. Love and thanks.